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About Photograms Collection

Flags and Maps: 2015-2016

11 x 14 inches, photograms on gelatin silver paper


This group of photograms, made in the darkroom on gelatin silver paper, explore the shape of the American flag and the continental United States.  As I worked, the project morphed from the literal to more abstract.  I was listening to the radio, hearing President Obama repeatedly  speak (after the Sandy Hook massacre) about the need for “guns and back ground checks”.  The first image I made was Guns and Chex.  I used plastic guns from the Playmobil sets.  In the 1970’s, I removed all the guns from my sons’ toys ….and I had recently discovered the plastic baggy of these small weapons.  I also used Wheat Chex cereal to create this picture to express my frustration and ongoing anger about the lack of gun control in the USA. 



Moons of the Planet Whiffle 

20 H x 16W inches, photograms on gelatin silver paper

For the Many Moons of the Planet Whiffle, I used the whiffle balls from my grandson’s summer activities. 

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